Tuesday, January 8, 2019


It's months since I finished my beaded knitting, but I haven't got around to turning it into a bag. Now time is running out, I will have to submit it soon, so I had better get on with the job.

One aspect I need to decide is what sort of edging to add around the beading. Whether putting an edging on my practice piece is further procrastination or a 'necessary step' I don't know. I considered several ways to make an edging. I experimented with ribbon, but honestly, I haven't a hope of adding it neatly enough to pass muster. I considered sewing a line of beads around, but I think the edging should be made of something other than beads. How about tatting? A pearl tatted braid is one possibility. But I settled for a narrow split ring braid, because it echoes the beads without being beads:


  1. I think the braid finishes it very effectively. Is it one of Mary Konior's? Good luck with your entries this year, we were all quite upset with the judges last year, as I remember!

    1. I just made it up, but it's ultra simple, split rings 3/3.

  2. This bead d tatting finishes it perfectly!

  3. better safe than sorry, whatever you wish to call it ;-D The SR braid does complement the beadwork without overpowering it!

  4. Looks beautiful and I think your chain of split rings should look lovely

  5. Very pretty! I like your edging, dainty and discreet, yet effective. :)

  6. Oh how lovely, and the edging is just right