Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Old Habits Die Hard

I promised myself I wouldn't waste time by moving the mask pattern around the fabric to find the best fit. But when I needed two more linings and it looked as though I only had fabric for one, I was back to my old habits. This way and that until I figured out how to cut two!

 The masks have  been collected by a lady who has permission to move around. I packed them up and put a tatted butterfly to help them on their way:

Monday, March 30, 2020


I'm sewing protective face masks for a local appeal. Here's a link to the pattern and tutorial. To begin with I was working in groups of six, but that's a bit daunting. I find it better to work on three at a time. I can complete three from start to finish in one sewing session without feeling that I need to call in Rumplestiltskin.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Going Back

A few months ago, I took out my handbag tatting while waiting for officialdom. I think it probably saved my sanity, but when I looked at it later, I realised I'd made a whole series of mistakes! The pattern   is straight forward enough, but does require a modicum of concentration. So the next few handbag tatting sessions were spent untatting. It might have been quicker to cut the messy bit out, but that seemed difficult away from home. I decided to emulate those who undo to correct mistakes, however far back! I'm working on this for an hour or so in the evenings now. I don't want it to sit in my handbag forever.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Curtain Is Up

I've hung my bathroom curtain. Of course, in real life the different colours of the cloth flowers show up. I rather think it needs some tatted butterflies. I thought I had some suitable ones in my stash, but I can't find them. I remember dithering about giving them away, can't remember what my decision was! An excuse to tat some more perhaps.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Message For Batty Tatter

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Monday, March 23, 2020

It Works!

Aha. Now I'm wondering why I've never tried before to sew tatting on with a sewing machine!

I cut the braid one ring below where I wanted it and unraveled that ring. I could have hidden those ends in the usual tatting way, but I threaded them through to the wrong side of the fabric and did a couple of stitches there. I thought that would help anchor the tatting to the fabric.


I've made a curtain for the bathroom. I've made some cloth flowers. I have a leaf braid lurking in my tatting bag that I made as 'handbag tatting'. How to combine these elements? I tried to make a leafy frieze with the braid, but I couldn't get it right. I could make one with just stems:

Or I could place the flowers individually and cut the braid to make leaves and stems:

I wonder if I could sew the braid on with a sewing machine? Probably not, but it may be worth a try.