Tuesday, October 20, 2020



Thanks for yesterday's guesses - all will become clear!

At last I've been able to book a table at a fair. It's a Halloween fair on the 31st. Halloween is not really a thing in Southern Africa, but any excuse for a party will do.  I know that small items often sell well at fairs, so I've been making little Christmas tree decorations. They measure just over 3 cm across, a little over an inch. They have a circumference of 5 beads. I've joined them with an invisible join and put a ribbon through for hanging. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ten More


 Ten more masks decorated with tatting, that is. There are some interesting experiments here. I hesitated to use a couple of them, but really, they're not doing any good languishing in the tatting tin, it's better to make use of them! I'll leave mask making for a bit, until most of these have been sold. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 I know that Pinterest is open to criticism, but I do like the way it enables me to come across 'new to me' techniques in all sorts of fields. The latest 'ooh I must try that' was pixelated crochet, or pixel crochet. It consists of small crocheted squares joined to make a picture. A kind of cross between crochet and cross stitch. As with cross stitch, you can use a lot of shades and go for a subtle effect, or go for simple and bold. Better start with simple and bold at any rate! There are some amazing pictures of blankets out there, like this one. But I'm starting with a cushion cover, simpler than this one which is also spectacular. 

I couldn't find any instructions, so I had to experiment and learn by experience. My first square, using trebles (double crochet in American) was too large. Using a half treble (half double crochet) was better. I'm crocheting over the starting thread  and using the end thread to sew the square to the next one. That was fine on the first row, but on the second I realised there would be places where I'd be using a green thread to join two grey edges. The solution is to sew from the back to minimise the appearance of the thread. It'll take a bit more work for the picture to start to emerge. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

More Masks


It's fun looking through my tatting tin to find bits to sew onto masks. Some of the pieces wouldn't work as 'stand alone' pieces, but are fine sewn onto fabric. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Boring Masks Need Tatting


I have another order for masks, fabric supplied. The fabric is strong, but looks boring. Grace, who brought it to me, suggested I sew some beads onto the masks to make them more interesting. Of course I had a better idea. I showed Grace a tatted flower and she agreed enthusiastically. So, I've been delving into my snippets tin. I know the cats pattern is Ninetta's . The green rosette is mine. But many of the snippets are long ago experiments whose origins I have forgotten. I'm looking at 30 or so masks, so I don't know if I'll find enough snippets. If not, I'll tat some simple flowers and butterflies.  

Turquoise T


In theory I like the idea of just knitting in the evenings and taking a project slowly. But eventually I get fed up and want to get it completed! So after some daytime work, the turquoise knitted t-shirt is done. It used eight-and-a-half 50g balls of Raeesah cotton. Oddly, the label says who distributes the yarn in South Africa, but not where it's made. The lace pattern is called Ivy Lace, as you can read here; the shirt pattern I made up as I went along, using 4 mm needles.