Thursday, January 10, 2019


I'm still working slowly on turning the beaded knitting into a bag. I was thinking of putting a zip along the opening of the bag, until I read the competition specifications again and saw, 'The bag must open wide enough to enable easy access to the contents.'    Hmm. Better use a gusset then. When I made the practice purse, I used a rectangular gusset, but I don't think that'll fit well with the tulip design. A triangular gusset then. On the practice piece, the gusset is in satin, but according to my 'advisers' the gusset must be knitted, although it will have a satin lining as well. It'll be easier to cut a satin gusset to match a knitted one than vice versa, so I've been knitting the gussets. It took me several goes to get the dimensions right. Fingers crossed these will work:


  1. I get teased by my Tuesday group as I introduced the concept of gussets when we were bag making a couple of years ago!!! As I often say to them - ‘a gal can’t live without a decent gusset’!!!!! Love your gussets.

    1. I'm sure on QI or some such program they were making jokes about gussets. But yeah, I agree, a gal can't live without them!

  2. I admire the effort you put in every year !!! I like these gussets - pretty lacy :-)

  3. This will be interesting to see how it works!

  4. I am sure it will be fabulous!!! :)

  5. It's so beautiful your practice work you are a careful person.🦋