Wednesday, January 2, 2019

That Won't Work

Since I was unable to connect to the internet, I had a look through my pile of knitting magazines to find a pattern for a knitted top, to use the yarn that arrived in the post the other day. I found one I like, in an Australian magazine called Creative Knitting, Summer 2013 issue:
I knitted a swatch, to learn the stitch used and try out different size needles:
The 7 mm needles work to the right tension according to the pattern, and look better. So I cast on using 7 mm needles. It soon became clear that I won't have anywhere near enough yarn to knit a top:
You can see that although the balls look quite large, they have a cardboard core that fills up the middle. I have 8 balls, which might be enough to knit the back. No problem, I'll put the yarn away until the right project for it comes along.

I'm a bit puzzled that the pattern is classified as advanced skill level - it seems pretty simple to me. The stitch itself is easy and the shaping of the garment minimal. None of the knitting patterns in the magazine are classified as easy - I wonder if they're trying to flatter the reader, but it might have the effect of putting beginners off unnecessarily.


  1. I consider that cheating putting a large cardboard middle into the ball. I wouldn’t be buying that brand again!

  2. I love your color!!! :)
    I know that if you end up knitting it with another yarn, it will be fabulous!!! :)

  3. Fear of not having enough yarn for a project must be why I have such a large stash. I should carry a cheat sheet with me so that I truly know how much I need when I go shopping. That yarn sure is pretty! I hope you're able to quickly fine a suitable yarn for the pattern.

  4. Or you’re more advanced than you think?

  5. What a cheerful colour ! Disappointing about the misleading amount, though.

  6. Looks a nice pattern and great colour,
    I expect you are so good at knitting that’s why it’s easier than they say