Friday, January 11, 2019


I've been worrying that the stiffener I plan to use for the beaded bag is not strong enough to support the beaded knitting. The practice purse is quite floppety. Then I remembered the felt that was the answer to constructing my glasses case. Perhaps I could use it for the bag too? I visualised a 'sandwich', with the satin lining on one side of the felt and the iron-on stiffener on the other side. Good theory, but I needed to make sure it would work in practice.

It may be a little bulky, but I think it'll work. I ironed the stiffener on (adding a dirty mark from the iron!) and then sewed it to secure it properly. I made the seam much wider than on the practice purse, in the hope that I will be able to sew the beaded knitting on without it showing on the lining. Note to self: don't mark the satin, it will show on the right side. Right, enough procrastination, now to get on with the real thing.


  1. Are you using woollen felt? That might be strong enough on it's own, without the stiffener.

    1. It might. I have to cover it with something though, because it's not white, so I might as well cover it with the stiffener.

  2. Quite a few lessons learned from this "procrastination" 😀