Monday, April 15, 2013


I take my hat off to God's Kid. She has found a way of tatting interlocking rings by using Self Closing Mock Rings (SCMR) instead of regular rings. And kindly made a tutorial  to show how it's done. Very easy, very effective, very clever. And of course, with SCMRs it's easy (even tempting!) to throw rings off the mock ring. Thus:
Thanks very much God's Kid, for sharing the idea and technique.


  1. Great! looks very good. and yes, SCMR just beg to have rings thrown off.

  2. That is so awesome Jane!!! :) I am so glad you were able to understand the pictures and my directions. :) I am really busy putting together a large Christian women's retreat for the end of June and I can't put much time into playing more with this, but you have inspired me to do more when the weekend is finally done!! I love the thrown off rings!! :)

  3. I'll be over to take a look. Yesterday at the Fingerlakes (NY) tatting workshop, This shuttle tatter took a needle tatting class with Kelly Dunn, to learn to do the interlocking rings. In the same class was Vickie Clark (shuttle tatter, teacher, designer) and Vickie mentioned trying to do the interlocking rings as SCMR's and one of those small Celtic shuttles. I'll be jumping over to Sue's blog -- maybe she's done all the hard work for me.

    1. Yes, indeed, because you don't need a special shuttle to do it. And there's no unwinding the bobbin to do the last ring.