Friday, January 9, 2015


I visualised the earrings with a beaded ring at the top with the hook off it,  but I struggled to get the ring to hang symmetrically. I decided to make a miniature version at the top, which works ok. But then I realised that I could just hang the hook off one ring to make really simple earrings. Could be a good pattern to show off pretty beads.

Wind 80 cm  onto the shuttle and add 4 beads and a hook.
R1: Put 1 bead and the hook on the back of the hand. 2 vsp, 6, add hook to picot, 6, vsp, 2. Close. The bead will be caught at the base of the ring.
R2: 1 bead at back of hand. 2 + (vsp) 6-6vsp,2, Close.
R3: The same.
R4: 1 bead at back of hand. 2+(vsp)6-6+(vsp on R1)2. Close.
Hide ends. (I tatted over the beginning thread in the first ring and sewed the other end under the caps)
Make another one!


  1. Such pretty earrings! I like the beads in the center. They seem to add the needed weight without the danger of the motif collapsing on itself.

  2. Perfect timing .... well almost ;-)
    I have been thinking of trying out beading projects and even bought some earring supplies. This pattern is simple , yet so beautiful, and small enough to try out ....
    Thank you for sharing the pattern, Jane :-)

  3. Jane these are very pretty earrings.

  4. Oh, I do like these. Simple, pure, and elegant. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Karen in OR

  5. I am a new tatter. What does it mean...put bead "on back of hand". Also what is the "cap" that you refer to sewing the other thread under.

    1. Hi skispinknitter. When you make a circle of thread around your hand to tat a ring, put a bead on that circle. Place it on the circle at the back of your hand so that it doesn't get in the way of the tatting you're doing. Then when you need to place the bead, you can slide it along into position. Look at Jane Eborall's Tatting Patterns techniques page to find out more, there will be diagrams: . The caps: The tatting stitch has little knobs at the top of the stitch that are the caps. If you sew the thread in and out of the stitches just below the caps, it can't be seen. You'll find this on Jane Eborall's pages too. Good luck!