Wednesday, December 12, 2018

At Last!

Monday my daughter Penny and her family arrived from Australia. Tuesday the parcel that Penny posted in June arrived! She could've saved the cost of postage.
As well as the yarn I asked her to send, Penny posted some shoes and other goodies. I will use the yarn, of course, but am thinking of knitting a top rather than crocheting one. Here's a close up of the label:


  1. Oh wow! I sent two postcards from Italy in June. One arrived here in July and its brother arrived in late August! Bet you’re glad to have daughter and the goodies!

  2. That is funny, sorta :) I love that yarn made from bamboo my daughter knitted a scarf for me and it is so very soft It hard to believe it is from bamboo. we went to buy more and they were out of it. Love the shoes and scarf too!FYI my Secret Santa person got her gift I am so happy about that too.

  3. Wow, that is slow mail.
    Nice package of items!!