Friday, December 12, 2014


Yesterday I finished spinning the yarn I showed you here, washed it, rolled it into balls and started knitting. The colours are more definite and 'stripey' than in the top sample. That uses the same dyed wools, only I carded them together before spinning. The result is much more subtle.

There was some orange/natural and yellow/natural left on the bobbins after the brown was finished, so I Navaho plied them. That's a nifty technique to turn a single ply into a three-ply. You make loops with the thread, as in finger crochet, twisting with the wheel at the same time. That means that each colour is plied with itself, which makes for a much more intense result.


  1. Lovely colours, you are very clever with your spinning!

  2. I don't understand your nifty technique, but the result is beautiful. You remind me of those brave women in atiquity who made all their clothes themselves from scratch.

  3. Both look wonderful!!! :)
    I like how the top one looks autumn-ish and the other looks like stripes!! :)

  4. Lovely stripey wool, look forward to seeing how it works up

  5. Beautiful color! I've read about Navajo plying... looks interesting!