Saturday, December 20, 2014

Delia Updated

I've been using Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake recipe for many years. Originally I found the recipe in a magazine. Every year I'd haul the magazine out at Christmas time and use the recipe. Since we came to South Africa, I've found the recipe on line. This year I found that the recipe has been updated. The ingredients are the same, but the method has been altered. Instead of creaming butter and sugar, adding eggs etc etc, you're told to sift the flour and spices into a bowl, add eggs, treacle, sugar and so on and beat with an electric beater. Sounds good to me! Interestingly, the cake seems more 'cakey' than before. It used to look like fruit bound together with a little bit of cake. This one has just as much fruit in it and I imagine it will taste much the same.  Oh, and here's a link to the recipe. The recipe does say to make the cake well in advance of Christmas, but I think that's more applicable to the Northern Hemisphere than here where Christmas is in mid-summer.(Or perhaps that's just an excuse for my not getting round to it until now!)


  1. I might try that recipe next year - I've been baking the same Christmas cake for about 20 years and it never fails, but it's terribly heavy - this year I really found it too hard to lift in and out of the oven, so I'm looking for a "lighter"one next time! It weighs more than 5 kg.......I make two, one with brandy and the other with whisky.

  2. I used rum for mine, though the recipe says brandy. Phew, 5kgs is much too heavy!