Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The cotton yarn I am using to knit the Frost Flowers Top is thinner than that used by Lankakomero in the original. To compensate, I cast on an extra pattern repeat, which was easy enough. But when I got the armholes, I realised that I'd have to make adjustments or the armholes would be too small. Hmmm. Casting off an extra half pattern repeat would be too much. But the cast off needs to take the pattern repeats into account, I can't just cast off any old number. What I've done is to cast off an extra 3 stitches but make the garter stitch edging 5 stitches wide instead of 8, so that the pattern stitches start at the same place as the chart. I'll have to finish the back before I really see whether this works. Fingers crossed..


  1. This is something new to me. You are knitting the arm bands alongside the pattern ! Does make for quick work, instead of picking up stitches later.....

    1. This is how the pattern is, but I've worked like this before and like it. It's neat and as you say you don't have to do the bands afterwards.

  2. Hope it works, would be a shame after you have done all this knitting