Saturday, December 13, 2014

On The Edge

I've made a start on the front of my lacy top. It was easier second time round. When I started the back, I stupidly didn't realise that the chart for the edging shows only the right side rows, unlike the main chart that shows every row. I got myself into a big muddle and had to start over.  I knitted a swatch, as I should've done in the first place, and then cast on the 138 stitches again. This time there was no starting over, though I did have to unknit (or tink) a row after making a mistake. The pattern is pretty simple, but I do have to pay attention!


  1. Lovely edging, should look lovely when finished

  2. Lovely edging ! Like falling leaves or little bells :-)

    And you've used markers from scrap wool - I used to do the same ! Will be posting a 'tutorial' soon - been lying around for a whole year.