Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Bamboo

I wrote my blog rather hurriedly yesterday because Jack was wanting to use the computer. I should've said that I'm knitting a scarf with the bamboo yarn. I should've said that the fabric drapes well, is very soft and has a lovely sheen. The fibres of the yarn are not very twisted. I don't know if that applies to all bamboo yarn or just this brand, but it means you have to take care not to split the yarn as you knit.  The yarn does seem quite 'dense'- these four balls are going much further than I expected. The open, drop stitch pattern keeps the scarf light though. I like the idea that these are watermelon colours, so watermelon scarf it is.


  1. From here, only your lovely yarn can be seen ,its great colors and a nice, cool stitch.

  2. Beautiful scarf. The colors look very much like Lizbeth thread "Juicy Watermelon" which I am currently using in a project. One of my favorite colors.

  3. Beautiful colours worked together. It's going to be a beautiful scarf