Friday, March 1, 2013


 I'm not sure that 'mending' is an adequate word for this task, which has been on my to-do list for months. Last winter I knitted Jack a jersey. He promptly burnt a hole in the front, while using the angle grinder. I patched the hole. I don't know if the patch came adrift, or he burnt it again, but another hole appeared. I  ignored it. By the end of winter, the hole was huge! Yesterday I snipped a thread above the hole and then  undid one row, picking up the stitches at the top as I went. So eventually the bottom of the jersey separated from the rest. The jersey was knitted in the round, so I could go right around without any problem.  Now I'm going to knit downwards to replace the holey part. I'm going to keep the cut off part - I might just need it for more patches!


  1. Luckily, you had the yarn for the patch! I'm not sure I could have found the yarn in my jumble of supplies. I hope this patch holds!

  2. A labour of love, indeed. I'd sue for divorce if it happens again!!!!!

  3. I don't knit, but didn't realize you could do that. Good for you.

  4. Oh, yes. It is called mending or repairing.

    I have a friend who took on an Alice Starmore sweater that was knitted with AS wool - a real original that the moths had taken a liking to! My friend matched up the gazillion colours with Rowan 4-ply wool and did an amazing “mending” or rather restoration!

    Good luck with it.
    Fox : )

    1. Phew, that sounds a labour of love! This one is easy, plain knitting and I even had a few balls of the yarn left so it all matches.