Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Working on the Pattern

Size 20 thread. A pair uses much of a 20 g ball. 2 shuttles. Narrow ribbon and/or shirring elastic. Picot gauges, if you like, one 8 mm and one 12 mm.
R, ring; SR, split ring; Ch, chain; - or P, picot; LP, long picot; BTS, bare thread space; + join; CTM, continuous thread method; RW reverse work
I have very small hands. If you want a bigger glove, you could use more rings in the mignonette stitch, or longer bare thread spaces.
Notes on working in the round
It’s important to end each round by joining to the beginning of the round, before going on to the next round. To keep the number of rings constant when working the mignonette stitch, miss out the first BTS on one row and the last BTS on the next row, alternately. 

I made a good start to writing the pattern for the gloves, and then accidentally deleted all my work! I thought I was deleting a picture, but instead I was deleting the whole thing. Back to the drawing board.

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