Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A flower

 This flower was designed by Martha Ess. It's on the folded rings page. Pretty. Martha uses a regular chain for the stem, but I used Victorian sets and added a clasp to make a dangle. I thought that using so many colours would mean a lot of ends to sew in, but that wasn't so - I tatted over the beginning of each colour, then the end of the green is hidden in the small purple flower, so there was only one yellow and one purple thread to sew in.


  1. If you make the very last flower a single shuttle split ring, you can hide even the last purple end!

    1. Good thinking! Though I've been a bit wary of doing that since my daughter's earring fell apart.

  2. That is pretty Jane, I have bought some similar clasps but and intend as some point to do things like this, but when I need a project I never seem to remember things like this. Thanks for the reminder