Saturday, March 23, 2013

A bit smaller

 I made Paula Gero's Roses and Vines Bookmark using size 40 thread instead of 20. This one measures 18 cm, where the other was 22 cm. I'm surprised there isn't a bigger difference. Obviously I haven't done enough of these comparison tats! It looks more delicate than the other one. I'm not really sure that either of them is firm enough to be used as a bookmark. It may work better as a decoration on a little girl's dress, as Diane suggested.


  1. Ooh! I do like those colors together! I am frequently surprised by how different a pattern looks when tatted in different size threads. If I had the time, I might consider tatting each pattern I love in each size thread that I have. However, I'm afraid that would take a lifetime!

    1. It would, and besides, there are so many new patterns to try!

  2. Just downloaded that pattern; it is so tempting! I do like how you have shortened the vine spacings. I will do the same. Thanks!
    Fox : )