Monday, March 4, 2013

Overhaul Complete

The technique of unpicking one row and knitting downwards is useful for lengthening children's jerseys, as well as mending husband jerseys. If you don't have matching yarn, you can put in a contrasting band. I had to  redo the neck of Jack's jersey too. He keeps his notebook, pen, glasses etc in his pocket and constantly pulls at the neck of his jersey to get at them. I once tried putting 'plackets' into his jersey for easy access to his pockets, but they gaped and didn't look good. V necks tend to sag more than round, so that wasn't a good solution either. This neck actually held better than most, but it needed a revamp to get it through another winter.


  1. When I retire, I may have to come visit you to take some knitting lessons! It looks like you did a great job mending the sweater.

  2. Such patience! I would go screaming into the night!
    Fox : ))