Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winter Parcel

Months ago I had the idea of sending a parcel to son No. 1's family  in New Zealand to brighten up mid-winter. But somehow I've had trouble getting it all together. There's still a gap between idea and reality, but if I don't post it off today, winter will be over before it arrives! Mostly knitting, but a bit of tatting, of course - the daisy pin is by Jon.


  1. Thank you for including tatting of my design in the parcel. :)

  2. There's still plenty of winter to go - and it's cold in NZ just now! An old schoolfriend has just made her annual pilgramage to visit me in Queensland, so that she can thaw out.
    And it's the perfect parcel - lots of lovely things all packaged up in a proper box! Much more exciting than a Postbag.

    1. :-)I was thinking, perhaps it'll arrive when they're getting really fed up with winter.

  3. Oh how beautiful those tatted flowers are!!! :)

  4. Wonderful package! I meant to comment about the blue scarf, which really does show off the cables. Also the great socks with contrasting toe! And the sweet tatted flowers will definitely cheer things up!

    It's difficult for me to imagine having 'winter' in June, July, August. Although it's a little hotter here in the US than we would like, I don't want to think about winter!

  5. :-) you'd probably find it even more difficult to have Christmas in the middle of summer!