Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toe-up socks

Son No. 2 is coming to visit, so I want to make him another pair of boot socks. I thought I'd knit them from the toe up, so that I don't have to judge beforehand how long to make the leg part and still use only one ball of yarn per sock. I haven't knitted socks this way before, but it's just a matter of doing everything in reverse, right? Right. But when I got to the heel my head boggled and I could figure out how to go backwards. I've used the heel directions from Crocus Toe-up Socks by Wilma Becker, which I downloaded some time ago from Ravelry. Aha. We're off to a cattle sale now, I should be able to finish knitting the leg while I watch the sale. Tomorrow I will undo my temporary cast on stitches and graft the toe. Then, of course, I will have to make another sock the same!

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited for you that your son is coming to visit!
    I hope he likes his socks :o)