Friday, July 27, 2012


I plyed the wool yesterday and wound into into skeins on my niddy noddy, pictured here. There were five and a half sock-sized skeins, which is fine. There should be plenty for two pairs of adult socks and one Livi-sized pair. I left the skeins over night to 'relax'. They're now soaking in a basin of hot water and liquid soap. When they're clean, I'll dye them. There's an icy wind blowing, but the sun is shining, so the skeins will dry quickly.


  1. Beautiful spinning, I am looking forward the colors:)

  2. Thanks for taking us through the steps. Since I don't spin (always thought it would be fun to try) or dye it is really interesting to see.

  3. Oh good, thanks for saying so. Sometimes I do wonder if anyone is interested!