Friday, July 6, 2012

Daisy Picot Butterfly

This is Butterfly with daisy picots by Jennifer Williams, of Cariad tatting. I saw this butterfly on someone else's blog recently, but I was blog-crawling and not keeping track of where I was. Thanks for the inspiration and the link! I had to revisit Riet's book "Daisy Picot Patterns' to remind myself how to do daisy picots, because it's a while since I used this technique. I'm planning to do another teashower or food cover for a wedding present, with butterflies of different sorts. 

I scanned this butterfly instead of taking a photo as I usually do.


  1. Lovely little butterfly! I have not become proficient at either scanning or photography, but I do think that most of the time scanning provides a much sharper image.

    1. I've learnt a lot about taking photos and editing them since I started blogging. One thing about scanning though is that it's less dependent on good light. I must remember that next time it's overcast.

  2. You've just been tagged by me on the Liebster Blog Award! Hop on to my blog to know more! :)

  3. Keep the windows closed or your butterfly may fly away!! Great job!!