Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More socks

I found this pattern when I was looking for a heel for my boot socks. It's called 'Crocus Toe-up Socks', by  Wilma Becker, 2009. The lace pattern is interesting. It's very textured, but is much easier to knit than it appears.


  1. Hi Jane,
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  2. So,because you are doing "toe-up" socks, does that mean that there isn't that annoying line that goes above the toes? I do not wear "real" shoes because I don't like socks, because I don't like that annoying line. If I ever have to wear socks, I wear them inside out. I might actually wear some if they didn't have that line.
    Or is that even a problem with knitted socks?

  3. Hmm, I've been giving this some thought. Most sock patterns change to plain for the toes, if you're using a pattern - lacy or rib or something - but actually it's not essential. Knitted up or down. Perhaps I could do you a swap, some socks without a line, for some thread?