Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brioche Stitch

I have heard of brioche stitch, but haven't knitted it before. It creates a fabric with an  interesting honeycomb structure. It's easy enough, involves slipped stitches and yarn overs. I can give the instructions if anyone is interested. I think the reverse side of the fabric is good too:
I bought some cotton yarn today that  should show the pattern up very well. I have a number of ideas in my head at the moment. I guess I must tackle them one by one.


  1. I'd like to see instructions! Looks nifty.

  2. Hi Jane,

    This brioche stitch is really pretty. Please post the instructions. Not all brioche patterns appear to be the same.

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Hi Ann, if you look at the next day's post, July 26th, you'll find the instructions for the brioche stitch. It is pretty.