Monday, July 2, 2012

Lost and Found

In 2009, Jane Eborall posted my pattern for this bookmark on her blog, here. The pattern has proved really popular in Tatland. Yesterday Jane e-mailed me to say she couldn't find the pattern, could I resend it. Hmmm, I couldn't find it either! I had a bookmark on hand, and the original Anna Burda article that I adapted it from, so I took a photo and rewrote the pattern. Later on Jane found the link to the original post. I see I didn't put a tassel on the new version. I guess that's optional anyway. Jane has put the pattern on her Guest designer part of her Pattern Pages, thanks Jane. I'll put a link to the pattern on my side bar too. It's all over Tatland already, but now it should be easy for anyone to find! By the way, I have used this pattern in a size 40 thread to make a pretty braid too.


  1. It is a wonderful pattern, Jane. I have tatted it a few times.
    Fox ; )

  2. Before I had a blog I tatted this and used two threads together, but what a good to use 40 and make a braid. Thanks for adapting it, a very popular pattern