Friday, July 20, 2012

A Bookmark Story

A few weeks ago, I took a book off the shelf in the library in town and found this Hardanger bookmark. It's so pretty that I imagined someone frantically looking for it. So I took it to the Library Assistant to ask her if anyone had been asking after it. No, she said, but she'd keep it behind the desk in case someone came in search. Yesterday I went to the library and the Librarian in charge promptly produced the bookmark and asked if it was mine! The assistant and I between us told her the story. Oh well, she said, no one had come looking for it, so I could have it. At the bottom of my book bag was lurking, for no good reason, a Jane Bookmark, so I gave it to the assistant. I figured she could have taken this bookmark home instead of keeping it behind the desk, so she should have some compensation!

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