Thursday, July 12, 2012

A sock and a toe

I finished the leg part of my toe-up sock yesterday at the cattle sale and started the second sock. I was a bit reluctant to begin a sock in public. It's a messy business, with a thread for the provisional cast-on and a long tail for grafting later and four needles.  I'm bound to get tied up in knots.   But with all those weaner steers in the auction ring, no one was taking any notice of me anyway. 


  1. looks like a good sock.
    and I have been to cattle sales before. you are correct, no one was watching you, unless it was another gal who was "dragged" there with her husband. I know I would have been watching you, and likely come over to chat while I tatted and you knitted.

    1. :-)you're absolutely right. If I wasn't knitting I'd have been watching the people rather than the cattle.