Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Easier Way

In May I made myself a winter skirt, inserting triangular panels to add fullness to the bottom of the skirt. I was pleased with the skirt, but it was quite a palaver to make. On Sewdaily from Interweave Press, I saw a way of achieving a similar effect more easily, by altering the pattern.

The instructions said to slash the pattern and spread it, then paste it to another piece of paper. Can you see that in the picture above?

It took me a while to get my head around it. I realised that of course I would have to have at least 4 seams in  my skirt, I couldn't cut it on a fold. My material is a checked brushed cotton. I needed the stripes to line up on all 4 sections, so I tacked the material carefully before cutting out, matching the stripes.

Once I'd done that, the skirt was quite quick to make, 4 seams to be sewn and neatened, narrow hem, casing for elastic at the top. 

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  1. Somehow, I missed that article, but it makes sense! Thanks for sharing the tip!