Monday, December 3, 2018

Mouse in Purple

I crocheted another mouse, with a purple dress this time. I had just enough pink for the inside of her ears, phew. Here she is with the owl (who still has no wings):
I had planned to write earlier in the day, but our electricity was off all morning. South Africa is experiencing 'rolling blackouts' - the state power supplier is switching different areas off for four hours at a time to conserve power. The Afrikaans term 'beurtkrag', meaning taking turns to have power, is more positive than blackout or load shedding, but whatever you call it, it's annoying! My plans to sew this morning went out the window. On the plus side, that window is now clean.


  1. Very adorable and will be nice to see how the dress comes out. I hate power Outages it is super annoying 🤨

  2. Cute mouse!! :)
    I hope they don't have to do the rolling blackouts for too long so you can get done the things you need to when you want to.