Friday, December 21, 2018


Mokala is the name of the game reserve south of Kimberley in South Africa that we visited this week. We really did see a lot of different animals in our drives around it, from rhinos to meerkats. Here are a few of them, photos that my daughter Penny took:
Four rhinoceros enjoying the shade near a waterhole.

A kudu bull. Look closely to see his magnificent horns.
Buffalo. In the middle of the day, the herd was resting underneath trees, but when we went back later in the day, they were grazing very close to the road - perfect photo opportunity!
A springbok ram, licking a salt block.

An unusual animal we saw was the quagga. A quagga was thought to be a different animal to a zebra, and had become extinct. DNA testing of quagga skins in museums showed that it was really just a zebra with a different coat pattern. So selective breeding has been used to 'resurrect' the quagga. In the photo below, you can see a 'conventional' Burchell's zebra on the left, and a quagga on the right - the quagga has fewer stripes than the zebra.
I did make a start on the body part of Annika's kangaroo, but still have a long way to go.


  1. What marvellous photographs. Is your daughter a professional photographer? Look forward to seeing some more if possible.

    1. No, not at all, they were taken with her iPhone, not even a fancy camera.

    2. Wondering if her husband is related to my husband?

    3. Same name? Could be, somewhere along the line.

  2. Lovely pics - magnificent creatures !!!

  3. Beautiful photos, incredible animals and interesting about that quagga, I hadn't even heard that name before, thanks! Enjoy your family, wishes of a merry Christmas!

  4. Wonderful biodiversity. It's nice to watch warm summer photos when there is snowy Christmas here.