Thursday, December 6, 2018

Enough For Two More

I had enough of the wildlife fabric left for two more market bags, so I bought another metre of lining material in town on Wednesday. I've cut both out. That'll give me eight market bags and three small bags, from five metres of the main fabric.  Now to see how far I can sew before the power goes off again!


  1. I do envy you here. Though I can tat, knit or crochet, sewing is the one thing I cannot do well. I can use the machine if I follow instructions, but cutting out material looks like a butcher did it. Figuring out piecing and such is really not something understand. I really need to take lessons. Kudos on the bags. You are great at it.

    1. You could take lessons, they’re out there. But really it’s just puzzling, paying attention to grain and swapping pieces round until they fit! Thanks.