Saturday, December 8, 2018

Practice Spirals

Muskaan's Spiral Snowflake is small, so I used thread left on shuttles to try it out, which is why my colour changes are a little strange. It's also why I used bare thread spaces instead of 2 ds chains for the centre of the second one. I really like the spiral, it has a wonderful sense of movement. The josephine knots and their placement are genius because they accentuate the spiral effect.

I must confess I was daunted by five pages of pattern! Then I realised that the pattern itself is only half a page. I needn't be put off by extra information.

Now that my shuttles are empty, I'll make another spiral in one colour.


  1. Sweet little snowflakes! I am very often intimidated by lots of extra information as well, the old school précis skills come into play on those occasions.

  2. This is exactly why I never buy patterns from Etsy and am very careful which free patterns I use Jane and Maureen. I don’t think I’ve ever made a pattern more than 3 pages long and usually spend a lot of time trying to get mine onto one page. I never print out patterns because of the waste of resources - ink and paper.

  3. I'm thrilled you attempted these and are eager to make more :-D I like the subtle colour shifts.

    Totally agree about the unnecessary length of the pdf - it was meant for the beginner class where I was asked to put in all that extra info ... except that for some unknown reason they didn't take it up for the class eventually. They didn't even have the common decency to say 'No' directly, let alone give me some reason after stringing me along - just stopped answering my emails ;-P
    Yet, I can't complain because I am so happy with this pattern - objective was to incorporate the beginner techniques, which I accomplished.
    Thanks again, m'amie :-)))

  4. Speedy and beautiful snowflakes !

  5. Lovely sweet snowflakes yes I like the pattern too

  6. I love the swirly flakes and somehow makes me think of snow falling when I look at these. She did a great design wonder if she even get snow!