Thursday, December 27, 2018

Jumpy's Mum

Phew, I had to keep at it to get Mrs Kangaroo ready in time to travel to Australia with Annika tomorrow. She's all set now. Annika was concerned that Mrs Kangaroo's tail was going to get in the way on their travels. She suggested leaving the tail off altogether. But a kangaroo without a tail would be a bit sad. This morning the solution came to me - make the tail without stuffing:

 So, the tail is there, but can easily be folded away.

In making the kangaroo, I used a technique I learnt in the scissor keeper pattern to count rows using a contrast thread:
It's simple and works well. Now to remember it.....


  1. I hope Mrs Kangaroo will enjoy the flight to her "home". It reminds me of what was written on the box of whisky glasses which was a christmas present to one of my sons: "Conceived in Iceland, Designed in Denmark, Made in China".

  2. He is so cute and really enjoy the tip about the thread it is very useful I will have to remember this thank you!

  3. Great kangaroo of course she had to have a tail, well done for getting it finished

  4. Lovely kangaroo and yes, a kangaroo without a tail isn't just right

  5. Mamma mia !!! Good idea about the unstuffed tail and Love your counting row tip !!!