Monday, May 16, 2016

The Semicircle Test

This is motif 16. I added teeny tiny picots just up from the base of the rings in the centre round, to make the centre more stable. I did half of the second round and then looked at it carefully to make sure I'd gone half way round the circle:
Mmm, no. If I'd carried on, there's no way the round would've lain flat. So I snipped the round off and started again, making the picots between the big rings longer - making them 13 mm long, to be exact.
Check again after half the round - better. That saved me a bit of tatting. I see I have fudged a little bit with the bare spaces - the long thread to complete the round really jumps out at you from the top picture.


  1. I am proud of you to have the discipline to go through the book and teach us :)

  2. Good idea to test the thread spacing by tatting part of the motif.

  3. You are doing wonderful and very exacting work! I doff my hat... : ))

  4. Your patience and working the pattern to see if it works
    Well done