Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Of Challenge and Diversion

I've joined the 25 motif challenge to help me keep focus on getting through The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito in a year.  There's a link to the website on the left sidebar.  I've got off to a flying start, but I know that life and other projects will crop up along the way. Like this small diversion to crochet woolly hats for my granddaughters in Australia.
I used Sherry's Basic Hat Pattern from Ravelry, but had to adapt it a bit to allow for using thinner handspun wool and a smaller needle. The last hat I made for Isabel is too floppity and falls off, so I made turned the edges of these hats in to make a casing and threaded elastic through. That should hold them in place.


  1. Diversion is my main problem! I love both hats but the one on the left is especially wonderful how the variegation looks like rays of the sun.

  2. Cute ! Now it's a beret :-) And practical when windy .

  3. I understand the need to take a break from a project. You've produced some cute hats. I'm sure they will love them.

  4. Love the stripes!

    I used to reduce the number of stitches in the final rounds and crocheted single crochets in as many rows as it took to rollup the edge. Those rows were crocheted on the opposite side, I think.... The hats stayed put.

    1. Thanks, I'll write that on the bottom of my pattern for future reference.

  5. Yikes! Stripes! I love 'em! I like that you're choosing a specific book for your 25 Motif Challenge... great idea!

  6. Your Granddaughters will be thrilled with these lovely coloured hats!