Monday, August 18, 2014


Thanks to Cornelia I can tell you that this bookmark appeared in the Burda magazine. Problem solved, thanks Cornelia. When I put a picture of the bookmark in In Tatters, Lynn said that she thought a spiral or node stitch/Victorain sets tail on a bookmark was a mistake because it could make marks on the pages. Oh goodness. I don't want to damage books. So I've done these with a lock stitch chain. It looks especially good on the multicolour ones, but even in one colour it makes a pretty tail.


  1. Wow they are beautiful to look at!

  2. Das sind schöne und farbenfrohe Lesezeichen.
    Sie gefallen mir sehr gut.

    Lieben Gruß Cornelia

  3. Such a pretty collection!
    Your students are going to be truly pleased and motivated .... :-)

  4. They look lovely, I am wondering if the Burda magazine was the Anna magazine which is published by Burda

    1. I think it might be like the Special Burda 1980 that Tally Tatty sent to me. It definitely says Burda, even though Anna was in existence then.

  5. I believe I read somewhere that Burda and Anna Burda were different publishing companies, but owned by the same family. Anyway, in the 1970's -1980's, the 'Burdas' published many different magazines for dressmaking, sewing, crosstitch and other arts and crafts, translated in many languages. They still exist, but they don't have that many different ones anymore.

  6. What a beautiful bouquet of bookmarks!!! :)

  7. They are lovely.

    I almost always do spirals, phew!