Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tat Along

I'm very excited that Wendy of Umi and Tsuru blog and Fox of tat-ology are planning to tat my Under an African Sky doily and have issued an invitation to others to tat along with them. The pattern is here or there's a link on the right hand side of this blog.

Helen has completed a third version of the doily:
This is what she said, "Dear Jane, so happy to have finished my third doily. made a lot of changes. i used double strand under my ds for round 4 to avoid the chain curling. for round 7 i use lizbeth size 20 for row 1 and lizbeth size 10 for row 2. this time it is not thta crowded like before. for the animals i used size 20 and for my round 9 i use lizbeth size 10 and intentionally omitted the sr between leg 2 and 3. i also ended my last round in a ring 4-4+2+4." I like the variations in the trees, like the variations in a forest. Well done to Helen.


  1. This one is the first on my list once the shawl is done - will finish the 4 main pieces this weekend, then I have given myself all of September for the many yards of edging, it's enormous! I intend to pack the threads and pattern to take with me to Cairns when I travel there to help with the birth and the 2-yr-old in November! Bring It On.

    1. Maureen, I am tatting the JS Monster Doiky, and won't be done for several weeks. So, you may be right on time to start this challenge! Wendy and I will not begin for several more weeks... : )

  2. An interesting pattern, I have just noticed the little animals around the outside edge, very clever!

  3. Thank you Jane for sharing the pattern. I hope we get more tatters joining our tatting challenge. Thank you for offering your help too.

  4. I hope they will choose african colors!

  5. I am going to give this a try, I wanted to make this when you first designed it, so I will print this out and it will be on the list! :) I do think staying African colors, is important it seems to be as important as the design. Thanks for sharing!