Thursday, August 7, 2014

A is for....

A is for Amber. I had some flannel left over from a nightie I made myself recently, which I thought would make a good wrap for a neighbour's new granddaughter. I machine hemmed it and then set out to put an A in one corner. I thought I'd embroider one. I downloaded a pretty letter A from Needle 'n' Thread, but I couldn't find a good way to transfer it to the thick, fluffy flannel. I found this tatted A designed by Lisa Trumble here. It works perfectly to personalise the wrap.


  1. That's very nice A. About embroidery, we use a so called "cencio della nonna" (granny cloth?) that I cannot translate sorry. It's a very loose Aida canvas, you tack it to the flannel and take it out at the end, pulling away its threads gently.

  2. I have always wanted to tat letters and have seen them in some of the old victorian patterns, I like it and it show up good on the print too.

  3. Lovely idea to add an "A" she will know whose nightie it is

  4. I think we call that "cencio della nonna" stuff Ninetta was talking about "waste canvas", but I like the tatted letter!

  5. I love hand made baby wraps! The tatted A is the perfect addition!

  6. A nice pattern, are there other patterns for all the letters?

    1. Yes, there are other letters there. I suppose they're all there, though I didn't check because I was looking for A.