Friday, August 1, 2014

Braid to Bracelet

In Muskaan's tutorial, she starts the braid by encapsulating five threads with the sixth and then tying a knot to make a loop. I thought of starting the same way, adding a bead at the end. Then I had a brainwave that it would be easier to start with the bead and hide the ends by encapsulating them. I was looking for the right bead when I came across my button box. Ah, a button might work better than a bead. So, I wound three shuttles, passed the threads through the button, then wound another three shuttles on the other side, tied an overhand knot and began to braid. At the end, I encapsulated five threads with the sixth to make a loop for the button to go through.


  1. Brilliant idea, Jane , and so much more practical !
    Love your bracelets :-)

  2. You are half way round the world and this style seems to be popular here too! :) I often wondered about the buttons with a shank you did great with this!

  3. People laugh at me when I say that I have 'tatting angst'. But what shall I read first? How to make a bauble mouse in the Houtz book, how to make these beautifull bracelets in Muskaan's blog, or how to design in Pigimini's blog? Information overload, choice stress,....

    1. :-) I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by choices I go and read a book!