Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ninetta's Square

Ninetta was lucky enough to be given a tatted collar that is almost 100 years old. She has been studying it and recreating it, kindly putting tutorials on her blog so that we can all use the pattern. This neat square forms the basis of the collar. I don't want to make the collar, not at the moment anyway, but I thought that a few squares joined together would make a nice bookmark. Yesterday Ninetta gave instructions for triangles that form points of the collar. I thought a pointed end would finish the bookmark off well.
Thanks Ninetta! One day I might even make the collar itself. The thread is Milford size 20.


  1. This is very beautiful, has a crown like appearance to to! I did not know this collar story, I must have miss it while looking a the beautiful work. what fun to have her recreate an old piece and she needs a gold star for this venture!

    1. Scroll down to read the story, it's a good one. Ninetta does get a gold star indeed!

  2. That looks wonderful and I think if you added a point at the other end it would look amazing too!!! :)

  3. You are so quick, Jane :-) Unfortunately, I can't see the 2nd image :-(

    I wanted squares for a yoke, but now it's a toss-up between Ninetta's and frakira's. Both are gorgeous. Decisions !

  4. Lovely bookmark, I thought about using the squares to mark a bracelet.

  5. Your bookmark turned out brilliantly! Don't you agree all the really good patterns are multi-purpose and timeless.