Friday, August 22, 2014


'Ride boldly lad and never fear the spills' is a quotation from Banjo Paterson's poem, The Man From Snowy River. My husband looked at me very oddly once when I told him that that's what I say to myself when I'm about to do something I'm not confident about. Like add a cuff to the sleeves of the satin blouse I'm making. I thought that using my favourite blouse pattern for this project was an entirely safe choice. But I hadn't taken into account the weight of the fabric. Because it's quite heavy, the sleeves didn't drape as they usually do, but stuck out wildly. I decided to tame them by gathering them into a cuff. It was a bit nerve wracking because the material frayed when I put a lot of gathers in to fit it to the cuff, but in the end it worked. Phew.


  1. Just beautiful! And who doesn't like dragonflies? I have some fabric similar to this, funny how we are so far apart and can get almost the same fabric!
    I made my favorite pattern in wool fabric once, and forgot to take in account that thickness made it slightly smaller too! :(

    1. You're right, this one is a bit snugger than I intended too!

  2. Bold and beautiful! I love the cuffed sleeve and would never have known it wasn't original.

  3. Never saw the flick but LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote. I will dine out with it, surely! : ))

  4. It's lovely! And that's a very useful quotation; I'm going to adopt it too.