Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Solved But Circumvented

Yesterday I accidentally put the 'box' part of the laptop charger on the table instead of the floor where it usually goes. And the laptop kept going, didn't keep turning itself off. I realise that the problem is still there, but if this enables me to use the laptop, that's great, I shall put the box on the table and carry on regardless.
A while ago, I saw a knitted stitch on Le Blog de Frivole that I really liked. Frivole kindly sent me the instructions to knit Twisted Waffle Stitch. I knitted a swatch, attached a note of the instructions and put it in my knitting file. I've been wondering how I could use it in a cardigan, but really it's too open for that. But when I needed a gift for a neighbour's next grandchild, I decided a small blanket in Twisted Waffle Stitch would be just the thing. In my handspun wool, of course. I knitted squares in waffle stitch, with garter stitch strips in between. Knitted all in one, because I'm not keen on sewing squares together. It should be light and warm for the new baby.


  1. That is very pretty, would be fun to go through the swatches :) and a baby would be very warm!

  2. welcome back! It's really a good stitch, lovely blanket!

  3. Lovely to see you back, looks a beautiful blanket and very pretty stitch.

  4. It does look lovely and airy! I've just ordered Barbara Walker's First Knitting Treasury because I have been having such a hard time with all the Shawl patterns I've been playing with-although I have now happily settled on one that pleases me, I thought I would design my own if there is a "next" time!

    1. Good idea! With that book, you'll have a wide scope to choose from and can decide exactly what you want.

  5. Looks so soft and cuddly. A nice gift.