Saturday, June 14, 2014

Linda's First Doily

Linda came for a tatting session on Thursday. I won't say 'lesson' because she didn't need much teaching! She had made the final join on the Clover and Daisy Doily by Emma Crew in the wrong place and then been baffled as to where the mistake was. She had cut the thread, but I was able to spot the mistake, undo the wrong join and finger tat the correct join. Voila, the doily just needs to be washed and pressed. Linda says to tell you I'm not giving her enough tatting treats! I did give her a Stumpy Bookmark.

I had an idea for the dragon earrings this morning: how about putting a bead in the centre of the middle ring? I tatted a ring in size 60 thread to see what size bead I'd need, and then searched my memory for the method I learnt from Jane Eborall's technical pages , putting the bead on the core thread.  It took me a few goes to get right, but now I think I'm ready to try it out on a dragon.


  1. Even with 20+ years of tatting experience! I sometimes join in the wrong place! and I am sometimes baffled as to what I did wrong! Linda's first doily is beautiful! The yellow is so cheerful!

    1. Yes, it's easily done. And in this case it was easily sorted out. It is pretty.

  2. Shes done a great job with her first mat, ok we all join in the wrong place and then have to think what we have done wrong, even after tatting 43 years I can make mistake's like everyone else.
    Tell her well done from me,
    I look forward to seeing your earrings. going to intatters to see if i can find the pattern, I am still trying to catch up

  3. As Diane has said mistakes like joining are often baffling especially when, sometimes you suddenly come to the end of a round and find that you have tatted too much! You must be a marvelous teacher.

  4. Well done, linda! That is a good pattern for a first doily and great colors!

  5. For a first doily she has done an amazing job.

  6. That doily is beautiful!!!! :)
    You will get that bead in the center!! :)