Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here Be Dragons

 L. Shelby has only been tatting for a few months, but has invented this dragon pendant! When she showed it on InTatters, there was a call for the pattern, which she kindly provided as a diagram. In the notes to the diagram, she said that it was tricky to get the tail join neat. In spite of her warning, my effort looks messy and horrible. So I did the second one, on the right in the picture, starting at the tip of the tail instead of the base of the tail. I used L. Shelby's stitch count as before, but to me the proportions don't look right any more. This morning I tatted a 'false tail', just to try it out without retatting the whole dragon:
Is that better?


  1. Much much better. Yes, the 3rd one's proportions are right. Wow, Jane, you've been busy tatting up dragon-ettes :-))
    It was nice of L Shelby to share the pattern ...

  2. Oh my- he's awfully cute! I like the retatted tail, it gives him more body.

  3. This is very cute, and it's quite amazing she's designing and diagramming after only a few months! At that stage I was still trying to tat 'hens and chicks' and I'm only now becoming a little more comfortable doing diagrams on the computer! I do like the longer tail.

  4. For someone who has been tatting for such a short time I can see a create future for her as a designer