Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Hats

 The hat on the right is 'Vine Lace Baby Hat' designed by Sandi Wiseheart. I added a couple of pattern repeats to make it bigger. I used up all the green/blue wool but felt the hat was a little skimpy, so I crocheted an edging and added flowers to link to the edging. The flowers are Forget-me-not flowers from Little Treasures. The stripy hat I made up as I went along, using both handspun and commercial yarns.


  1. You're sure keeping your knitting needles busy! Did you do all these hats (this post and the previous one) recently, along with the spinning and dyeing? I'm curious how you control the length of the color changes, and it is quite amazing that these short lengths do create stripes on that pattern! Are you having colder weather now?

    1. Yes, the hats are hot off the press! We've had freezing weather here - the thermometer on the verandah said -9 degrees C this morning! I dabbed the dye onto the skeins with a sponge. It's a bit random, but the colours don't bleed much, so it comes out pretty much as I imagine it. For the browny one, I started with yellow, added red gradually to the pot, then blue to the pot to make brown.