Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ari's Bracelets

Every week Keep-and-Share send me a report of how many people have looked at the PDF versions of my patterns during the week. I'm always surprised! Looking at them is one thing, but does anyone actually use the patterns? They do. These are Ari's lovely bracelets, made using my Split Ring Bracelet pattern.

 Ari belongs to tatting groups on Facebook and InTatters, where she has shown her work, always careful to say that I was the designer and put links to this blog or the pattern. That's how is should be done, thank you Ari.


  1. Beautiful bracelets, thank you for sharing your pattern.
    It's nice when people acknowledge who designed the pattern.

  2. Oh wow, what lovely words Jane. I should thank you for designing such a lovely pattern, and for making it a joy to tat.More importantly for making your pattern freely available. I'm always proud to acknowledge where I get my patterns from, because every designer puts in so much thought and creativity into their work, and we should let the world know this :)

  3. I download one like this( with out the beads) years ago I put it off because I do recall it was a 4 shuttle thing, this one may not be, but it is very beautiful!

    1. It only needs 2 shuttles Carollyn. You make a split ring braid in one colour, then make the second braid and weave the first braid up and down as you complete each split ring. Not as difficult as it looks!

  4. The bracelet is so pretty I just HAD to go get the pattern. I printed it, but may never get 'brave' enough to try it myself. ;-)

  5. I like the Arfrican style VERY much!