Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A False Start

 Is that what they call it in running races when someone sets off before the gun goes off? I had done three rosettes on round 3 before I realised that I really wasn't following the pattern correctly. For the simple rounds I rewrote the pattern in modern notation, but for this one I tried to follow all the brackets and stars and repeats without rewriting it. A mistake. Out came the scissors. I have it right now:
If you look carefully at the pattern above, you can see that it specifies size 10 thread. Goodness, it would be enormous. I think it's going to be rather large in size 20 thread. I'm using ecru Cebelia, because I have plenty of it and it feels traditional without being as demanding as white.


  1. It calls for 3 balls of #10! It would be huge!

    Interesting project. And this one may be old-fashioned, but it is pretty.
    Fox : )

  2. I know what you mean, if you use size 10 there better be a good reason! ha ha. Your very fast and looks great too!

  3. Yes I did used size 10 when I tatted it and I never did the last rows of flowers to be honest it was getting too big as a beginner, I always said I would re do the doily again, but I never have.
    Yours is looking lovely and I think size 20 would look better.
    I am following your progress

  4. A lovely pattern. Your perseverance certainly paid off. Thanks for

  5. It looks wonderful so far. Ecru sounds nice and 'traditional.' You must be a fast tatter to get so much done already. I'm curious to see how large the finished doily is using size 20 thread.