Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Think Shipping

 Some months ago I read an article in Fairlady, a South African magazine, about slogans that people live by. One that I rather liked was 'Think Shipping'. In other words, finish the job completely. I must admit that I tend to think shipping when the shipping date comes due! I tatted the bookmarks in March last year, as you can read here and here, but have only just got around to putting them onto cardboard and fabric backings and attaching the labels, so that they can be competition entries. The Tunisian crochet bag has labels attached and I've prepared the labels for the embroidery. I need some help in getting the embroidery ready for shipping though - I haven't a clue where to start.


  1. Every piece you have made deserves to win! That's a good way of presenting the bookmarks - I must try that.

  2. The name of the type of embroidery and then the type of thread.
    All your work you are entering deserves to win

  3. I agree with them, these are beautiful and well done you should win them all!