Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making Things Difficult for Myself

Yesterday we went to town, 50 kilometres away, so I had a chance to buy material to make the lining of my Tunisian crochet shopping bag. I also bought a very short zip to make a pocket in the lining. This is just making life difficult for myself! The specifications for the bag do say that it should have a pocket inside. They do not say it should be an invisible pocket with a zip. It took me three attempts before it looked anywhere near neat enough.
To begin with, I cut an opening and folded the edges back, as per this tutorial. Then I decided it would be better to make a facing for the opening and fold that inwards. The result is still not super smooth, but I hope that being inside the shopping bag, it won't be under great scrutiny.


  1. I agree, looks good to me and lining it alone, is going the extra mile!

  2. I think it looks great! I'm not sure I would spend that much time on a zipper for the inside of a bag. Ummm... yes I would.

  3. If it's inside and won't be visible...I figure as long as it's functional, it's fine. Of course, I really dislike putting in zippers........ ;-)