Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talking Tatting

 Okay, it's not really possible to teach eight  people to tat in a couple of hours. But everyone learnt to do the flip and I think a few of the ladies might have been inspired enough to take tatting further. Liesl, on the right of the lower picture, has given up on tatting before, but she said working with two colours has helped her to see better what she's aiming for, and she's going to give it another go. Hooray!


  1. Totally awesome!! Looks like you were all having a great time!! :)

  2. Congrats! Eight new 'flippers' in Tat-Land! Hooray!
    Fox : ))

  3. Well I really do admire you for teaching these ladies, and you never know this could be the start of a new tatting group?!

  4. Did you manage to translate all the tatting terms into Dutch for them? - or did they learn to "talk tatting" in English?

    They all look as though they're enjoying themselves!

    1. Well, mostly English. But afterwards Carien found out that the Afrikaans for tatting is knoopwerk, which means 'knot work', logical enough. Alternative names are spoelkant or frivolite. So now I know!

  5. That's quite a large group! And a language challenge, also! "Knoopwerk" is an interesting name! I'm glad the two-color chain is now being accepted as an introduction to tatting. I hope your group continues to get together! They have an excellent teacher!

  6. The group has a different craft demonstration each month, Kathy, so I doubt there will be 8 tatters who emerge from the experience. I'll be happy if there are one or two, though three did say they'd carry on with it.